Monday, May 24, 2010

Booking Sessions

Just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me with my portfolio in these very early stages.  I really appreciate it.  My offer expires this weekend, and I'm working hard to get my official website up and running by that time.  Last week was a busy week, and I have lots of photos still to edit.  Because of this, I'm not scheduling any new sessions this week.  If you book an appointment, I will still honor the special, but I won't be doing any more actual photo shoots this week.  I am limiting it to only five more free sessions though.

Also, I just started a fan page on Facebook.  This is the link:

I would love if people became a fan or Liked it or whatever term Facebook is using these days for fan pages.  I'll be adding more pictures in the coming days.  If I've photographed you or your little one, feel free to tag yourself in the photo.  I will still be sending everyone links to full size, nonwatermarked images this week.  Thanks again:)

1 comment:

  1. I will definitely be booking an appointment in July! I can't wait. I always look forward to seeing your new pictures.

    Hope to see you soon.